Software Design

Analysis and design of software solutions

Requirements Analysis and design of the entire software architecture. Collaboration with the Client to technically define the project.
Production of technical documentation for the software project including architectural documents and implementation details.
Thanks to our design experience, we provide all that is needed to proceed with software development.

Software Development

Software development in many software environments and development languages

We develop software using many languages and technologies, including Microsoft .NET (C# and VB.NET), Java, HTML5/JavaScript, Appcelerator Titanium platform. We follow development standards and the most popular design patterns that allow us to assure software quality by executing quality tests and performance tests.
We develop our software using the most advanced development tools which allow us to meet the deadlines agreed with the Customers without bring down the quality of the final product.
The software production process is constantly under Customer monitoring, which is able to access to our source code system and check out the development status. In addition, during the development process, status reports are generated and sent to the Customer.

Flexible and open agreement model

Max flexibility, no constraints, total transparency

Our agreement model is based upon the freedom of choice and upon our professionality. We are sure to satisfy the Customers needs with quality and reliability.
In detail, our contracts provide for:

  • no costraints for the Customer
  • possibility of immediate termination without penalty
  • flexible billing (daily based or solution based)
  • management of the development cycle with micro-task
  • in case of daily-based contracts, request for non-contractual days without any increase
  • competitive prices
  • no costs for required hardware and software
  • no additional cost beyond that agreed during the assessment task / project
  • non-disclosure agreement for all information obtained during collaboration
  • Customer copyright on developed software
We invite you to contact us to have more informations about our services.